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Sponsorship - REACH

Coast2Coast Earthmoving is extremely proud to be involved with Reach.


Reach is an independent, for-purpose organisation that’s been making a positive impact in the lives of young Australians, for nearly two decades.

Our vision

That every young person has the support and self-belief they need to fulfil their potential and dare to dream.

Our mission

To encourage all young people, no matter what their circumstances, to believe they can achieve.


Reach is an independent, for-purpose youth organisation that was established by Jim Stynes OAM and Australian film director, Paul Currie, in 1994.

Jim and Paul recognised that, too often, the greatness in young people was hidden behind fear, anger or hurt.They created Reach to inspire all young people to believe in themselves and get the most out of life.

“I truly believe that every person, especially young people, have unlimited potential and that we all have a unique ‘voice’ which wants to be heard.

Deep down, we just want to be ourselves, and when young people are given the opportunity to express their real selves they can achieve whatever they want, and have all the love, happiness and success they require.

Very often this process starts simply by someone believing in them.”

Jim Stynes

At Reach, we believe that everyone has intrinsic strengths and potential. We also believe that by encouraging young people to push their comfort zones, they create connections with others that can support them to discover these strengths and build their self-efficacy.

Reach workshops are run by our crew – a group of young people who are highly trained to effectively engage and inspire teenagers.

They understand what’s going on for young people and speak honestly and openly about their own journey and challenges, without preaching.


Reach’s school and community workshops are designed to promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people.

Our purpose is to create safe and supportive spaces where teenagers can connect and share stories honestly; spaces where they can experience belonging, discover their strengths, and build their self-efficacy and resilience.

Reach workshops are for young people aged 10-25. Anyone who wants to improve their confidence and get more from life is welcome at Reach.

Each year, there are close to 60,000 instances of participation by young people in our workshops, from over 600 schools and communities across Australia.

Importantly, Reach workshops are preventative in nature.They aim to build self-efficacy among young people – by supporting them to develop the social and emotional skills they need to be resilient and make positive life choices.

It’s been shown that by developing these protective factors in adolescence, the impact of serious problems and disadvantage later in life – like depression, substance abuse, homelessness and suicide – can be reduced.

To get involved, visit the Reach website.


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